Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4th Quarter Final -Student Work

Check out these pieces from my 2 top 3-D kids.  They had to research new cold connection techniques in copper and brass from several books I brought in, and then pick 2 techniques to put together in one original work. 
This first piece is by senior Kelsea Lee.  She has actually put together more then 2 techniques, she is hammering the metal, weaving with wire and thin copper strips, embossing, and putting a patina on the metal.  Below is a close up of the tiny seed beads she strung before she started to weave.

The other student, senior Nandi Best, so loved this assignment that she came in every snack and lunch period, so that she could make several pieces.  She started off with these gorgeous pair of earrings for her grandmother.  The patina she is putting on the metal is from an ammonia dip.  And the balls she got at the end of the wire came from using a propane torch and melting the wire until it formed a bead at the end.

In this next work, a too dye for piece, she built a book with etched and patina-ed copper sheets.

I really like how she used many different kinds of paper and deckled the edges.  She also put on a layer of both gloss and matt medium to seal the patina on the metal.

And in her last piece she wove paper with copper strips, did some embellishment on top and around the edges, used several fun papers, and turned this into another book.
Really like the feather she put on top, you wouldn't expect it in a work like this, but it really softens the piece.

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  1. the wire & beads woven around the sticks really grabs me & love that little patina book....
    there is so much inspiration to be found in your student's creations.