Thursday, July 12, 2012

Felt Balls - Student Works

These are some very sweet, little tiny pieces.  Probably only about 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" square or so.  I give each Beginning 3-D student a baggie filled with recycled white and dyed wool rovings, and wool yarn snippets.  I demo how to fluff out their largest piece of white roving without pulling it apart, and then to surround it with the dyed fibers and yarns.  I also show them how to felt the wool with hot soapy water and agitation.  What the kids already have learned is how to embroider.  They are required to shape their wet ball into a form other then a ball, and then when it's dry to embellish it with whatever they can still find around the almost empty room.  By this time we are getting to the end of school and supplies are getting scarce.

This colorful top one was created by junior Stella Park, and below hers is senior Sunny Cheon's beautifully crafted dice.

This very clever star was done by junior Lydia Ko, and below we have a lovely triangle by senior Aparna Vancheswaran.

This cute little form above was made by junior Sheila San Agustin, and the Russian below belongs to junior Phoebe Liu. 

Love this very expressive bunny by senior Isabel Chua, she has even done a special design on the backside.

This spinning top was created by junior Nikki Shah, and this funky little race car is junior Tiffany Lee's. 

The darling bumble bee belongs to junior Hannah Park. and I'm loving the skeleton pirate by junior Ashley Chowdhury. 

I also really liked senior Daniel Ho's clever apple, and junior Julia Faith Chanco's very feminine ornament.

Junior Alice Zhang did this fun cube above, and then junior Edgar Aguilar came up with the clever dragon below.  The creativity that flows out of these kids is truly remarkable.  God, I love my job!!

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  1. Once again your students have shown great creativity - these felt balls are wonderful.