Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fractured Frontal Portraits - Student Work

I wish I had more of these to share but the rest where handed back before I had a chance to photograph them.  For the past several years I've had the 2nd year 2-D kids do frontal portraits of their choosing in pastel.  They also chose between oil or waterbased pastels.  And then I have them fracture their work into at least 3 parts.

Above senior Michelle Lee has gone above and beyond in fracturing her frontal.  I also make the kids mount their fractures on a piece of posterboard to stabilize and frame it out a bit.  What I feel is really spectacular about Michelle's piece are the curvy lines in white that make her parts pop. Plus I love how she has chosen to abstract the face colors into monochromatic color schemes.   She also changes up her work style.  In some fractures she blends the colors out, and in other pieces she uses a pointalist style.  Bravo Michelle!!  

If you know senor Janice Min's style, you know that she has a very minimalistic way of working.  But it's always so effective and show's off a great design sense above.
And this is junior Laure Kadi's strongest piece of the year.  She has chosen Marilyn Monroe to portray and she's done a remarkable job with it.  I'm so proud of you kiddo!

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