Saturday, July 21, 2012

Different Lighting, Different Angles - Student Work

I loved this piece by senior David Hyun so much that I took several shots of it; inside, outside, and different angles. 
Not only is the form well shaped, but the overlapping shapes are so interesting to the eye. And the glaze turned out truly spectacular.  And what's really crazy is it's so easy for David to turn these pieces out.  They just seem to flow out of him.  A very talented young man. 

These two pieces were done for me by my 2nd year clay kids.  Senior Melissa Garcia (above) had a totally different take on the assignment then David, but just as wonderful.  The assignment was to handbuild a piece with an "S" curve contour (small, large,small).  It was also about building with overlapping coils or shapes, and about giving the piece a lid that fit, and handles that would flow visually with the shape.  And also about embossing the overlaps with texture.  Neither David or Melissa chose to work to all the requirements, and that's called artistic license.  Did they loose points?  Yes.  But they could afford to because both had extra credit to cover those points.  So it all works out in the end.  

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