Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Felt Journals - Student Work

These 2 beautiful journals were packed for an art show when I photoed the others so these were not included in the first post of the Felt Journals a good month ago.  So I want to correct that right now.

This first one was done by very talented designer senior Elsie Aguilar.  She calls it "My Adventure Book" and she includes so many cool found objects in her cover design.  I always look forward to her finished works.  She is slower then molasses but always worth the wait.
Just look at her attention to detail.
And when you open the book you get not one but two journals, each opening in the opposite direction.  So very clever!  Plus a sweet heart pocket.  I hope you use this book to journal all your college art classes Elsie, and to jot down your design ideas.

The other beauty you didn't get to see in the first post was this gorgeous piece by senior Johanna Paz.  Johanna also put her heart and soul into this work, and I'm going to miss working with both of you next year.  Johanna, I also hope you will use your journal as you enjoy your college years.
Good Luck to you two, I send you off with so much love and respect.

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