Sunday, July 15, 2012

Carved Glass Plaques - Student Work

A favorite assignment of the Ceramic I kids are these carved plaques.  They start by rolling out a slab of clay, and then very carefully carving away the areas where they want to melt glass into.

This top one was done by senior Shaun Pak of Bob Marley.  I really like how he used multiple glass colors in the face and how they melted into each other.  The other areas he stained with red iron oxide.

Below we have this very pretty piece by sophomore Ann Munoz.  She also allowed several colors of glass to melt together for an eye catching work.

Here senior Tim Chai made this stunning piece and really controlled his glass placement resulting in a very cool landscape scene in the background.  Way to go Tim!!

And below it's senior Michael Marin (see Michael, told you I was going to post your work  :) with his Live, Love, Laugh piece.  Check out the cool placement of his warm color scheme.  And carving letters like this is especially difficult.  
And lastly we have senior Opal Patel.  She has done many outstanding pieces this year, and I've showcased her several times.  What I really enjoyed about both Michael and Opal, is that they often finished their work early so that they had time to make many extra credit works.  Thanks all of you for these beautiful pieces to display.

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