Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Appliquilt Journals - Part I - Student Work

Dearest Jude Hill, Morna Crites Moore, Lori Lawson, Chad Alice Hagen, Jane LaFazio, Jamie Fingal, India Flint, Jackie Cardy, Alisa Burke, Judy Coates Perez, Kelli Nina Perkins, Kristin La Flamme, Mary Stanley, Melody Johnson, Renee Harris, Susan Hinckley and Terri Stegmiller, and all of you amazingly talented stitchers out there, I dedicate this batch of stitched journals to you.  For all of you have inspired me to share your work with my students, in fact I demand it, the kids have to visit your blogsites as homework so they can see quality professional works.  I am so proud to share these student pieces with all of you.

I want to start with one of my favorites done by junior Phoebe Liu.  Phoebe, you work so hard to please me. Know that you do, I adore everything that you make.  Phoebe's theme is "Life is a Journey of Faith".  So true.

Junior Emily Yang is another who strives each and everyday to be the best she can be.  It is reflected in her spectacular journal with the Abbey Road album cover theme..  You can see the Long Stitch Binding that most of the students chose to use.  There are some wonderful tutorials on YouTube that I had the students watch before they undertook the binding.

The kids went thru a couple of units to build these pieces from.  We started off with a tye-dye unit to make the foundation cloths.  They also participated in a Polymer Clay Unit, and many of them have incorporated their beads and buttons either on their journals or in their book markers

Here is junior Lydia Ko's gorgeous piece.  You might be able to see that she has put a piece of netting over top her tye-dye foundation to give it a bit of texture.

This assignment was originally inspired by Andrea Stern's article in Quilting Arts Magazine.  As was showcased 3 week ago on my blog titled "Felt Pouches", I also took the kids thru an embroidery unit in which they  learned all the stitches you are seeing on their journals.

Here we have senior Shivanti Kariyawasam who always pours on the steam at home, ad manages to find extra time to make all her pieces very special.  Just look at all those french knots she put down.  Unbeleieveable!
And then she took shaving cream and food color and marbleized her paper.  Can't wait to give this a try for next year's kids.  That should be fun and having us smell oh so good.  :)

Senior Sunny Cheon is another one who always gives me her everything in all her assignments.  What a lovely delicate piece this is.
And look at that sweet pocket she built on the side cover. 

Lily Lin, junior, moves to the dark side in her work.  Love how she incorporated laces, netting, ribbons, and chains in her work.  Clever girl!  I especially like her tab closure that she embroidered on 
She even put her name on the inside cover, a really nice touch that I will have all the kids do next year.  These young ones are so full of great ideas and inspire me everyday.

And today's piece that I'll end with was made by junior Edgar Aquilar.  He found a piece of dyed cheesecloth that worked beautifully with his foundation cloth.  Just look at all the embroidery and beading Edgar has put into his work.  These kids are amazing and I love sharing their work with all of you.  Stay turned for part II tomorrow, probably with a bit of extra credit to go with it. 


  1. You should be so proud of all this work. Your students have done some amazing work and I'm so thrilled to have played a role, inspiration-wise. I hope these young artists will continue on a creative path.

  2. These are beautiful and reflect your students' personalities. Thank you for sharing them!

  3. As always, I am so impressed with the creativity you draw out of these young students. Their work is amazing and I am sure this nurtured artistic side will stay with them forever. What a fantastic teacher you are.

  4. Wonderful project, Debra! I always hope your students realize how incredibly fortunate they are to have you for their teacher. WOW! xo