Thursday, February 9, 2012

Felt Pouches - Student Work

Jude, these are for you, our future stitchers  :)  These are my Beginning 3-d students and this project was their 1st Quarter Final.  They had to jump thru many hoops to come up with an original design, and then to use their most beautiful craftsmanship to embroider and stitch up these pouches with.  They also learned how to put in a drawstring.  Some great life skills!
Above and below we have junior Julia Chanco, her adorable front and back side.  

These kids put lots of effort and thought into their pieces.  We have senior Daniel Ho.  Look closely at how gorgeous his stitches are!  Oftentimes the boys craftsmanship is better then the girls.  Right Daniel??  :)
And below we have junior Hannah Park who also is one of my talented drawing students.  What an extraordinary piece she has come up with.

This very friendly octopus belongs to senior Isabel Chua.  And below the sweet little lion was created by junior Angela Wan whom I'm hoping is going to be coming back to me next year for the Intermediate class  :)
Below is the very gifted junior Alice Zhang, who always turns in exceptional work.

And then there are juniors Emily Yang and Sheila San Agustin, who are such hard workers, great designers and who absorb every morsel you put out there for them.  The back sides of their pieces are below.   
So, for EXTRA CREDIT, on any color piece of paper, cut out two rectangles and turn them into a paper pouch thru gluing, stapling, stitching, whatever works for you.  Decorate the front with whatever you'd like, the more you do the more extra credit points you earn!  On the backside put your name, period, and the name of the person's pouch from above that you liked the most.  Hand to me when you walk in the door tomorrow.

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