Friday, February 10, 2012

Stick & Ink Drawings with Collage, Ink and Watercolor Washes - Student Work

Stunning aren't they?  I pulled out some shells from the beach and gave my Intermediate 2-d kids some sharpened dowels and asked them to dip the dowels in ink and draw the shells in modified contour.
Above we have senior Janice Min with her breathtaking landscape.  
After the ink drawings were dry the kids added collage elements along with 3 values of ink washes and some watercolor pigment as well.
Above is senior Crislyn Ogawa and junior Laura Kadi.  I find these works to be highly expressive which is very difficult to achieve with students this young. 
The results were spectacular and showed off the flexibility of these kids moving seamlessly from one medium into another.
And this complex work belongs to highly talented senior Michelle Lee.  I shot a close-p so you can see all the details she brought into this piece.  Do you see the tiny pieces of shredded, dried leaves?  and the lattice work over top?  So well thought out and executed.  All of you make me so very proud. 
 Keep up the great work!

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