Monday, February 6, 2012

Farewell 2nd Quarter 7th Graders

I've loved every minute with all of you and I will miss you a lot!  I know I've told you guys many times but you have been the most outstanding group of 7th graders I've ever had.  A great work ethic, follow directions well, good listeners (most of you...haha), good artists, but most of all I will remember your sweetness and how much fun we had, especially when we had David sing for us.  So stop by often to check in with me and say HI.  
These are the linear/textural/pattern assignments with watercolor backgrounds.  The top one was done by superstar Daphne Wang, and was my personal favorite.
The music piece above was created by Zereen Ahmed, and below we have Ryan Madamba with the great looking sun motif design.  Look at how lovely their watercolor wash backdrops are.

The fun happy face above was made by  Shreya Havaldar, and another favorite was done by Heewon Choi below.  Love how she listed all the names of the kids in the class plus some of my favorite sayings like noob sauce.  That cracks me up Heewon!!
So be good for Ms. Improta, I know she's going to love you as much as I did.  And come take more art classes with me as soon as you can!
For EXTRA CREDIT FOR MY NEW 7TH GRADERS ONLY:  on a multi-colored piece of paper (use those critical thinking skills of yours to figure out how to get a piece of paper many colors) cut out in the shape of a sun motif, put your name and period on the front side of the paper, and on the back side of the paper tell me which of the pieces from above was your personal favorite.  I had two, Daphne's and Heewon's.  Can you have more then one favorite.  Of course you can  :)

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    I'LL MISS YOU!!!