Thursday, February 16, 2012

Perspective Final - Student Work

These stunning works belong to my 2nd year 2-d kids.  These were the culmination of the 1 and 2-point perspective units.  Their assignment was to choose a location from either the inside or outside of the school, and then draw it in either 1 or 2-point.  
Senior Jessica Liu above choose to sit outside in the wind and rain to draw this fabulous depiction of the front of our school.  The students were required to use artistic lisence to bring in a surreal element.  Jessica's gorilla's captured everyone's attention including the superintentant of our district.  It now hangs in his office.  You didn't know that did you Jessica??  Surprise! 

Senior Michelle Lee brought in some very cool textural elements, her signature style, in the area behind the band room.  Michelle placed the bird's head where they are currently building our new multipurpose theater/computer lab building.  We got to meet the lovely Grace Hu today who donated much of the funds that are going into this new complex.  She was given a piece of art, a monoprint, done by alumni Hyun Yoo.  I'm pretty sure Hyun graduated in 2001.  I hope you like it Mrs. Hu.
Check out these close-ups of all Michelle's sweet details including bringing in a bit of watercolor below.

Senior Crislyn Ogawa brings us her diagonal horizon with her sensitive watercolor backdrop.  And senior Michael Chen gives us his favorite subject, video gaming, in his interior hallway.
It is a pleasure to display your artwork.  You young ones make me so proud!

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  1. Wow some of this is really impressive! I like the creative ones because they really show off the student's personality - I'm just gonna take a guess and say that last guy plays video games haha.