Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Urban Craft Center...

or is the The Urban Art Center?  It's one of those.  Well anyways, over Xmas break Jim took me on an adventure thru Santa Monica looking for this place.  It's at 2433 Main St., really close to the Convention Center.  A little hide to find, tucked behind some other buildings but worth the long drive.  It's really a fiber center, lots of spinning wheels, rovings, knitting supplies, sewing machines and supplies, but it's also about book binding, stamping, mixed media, and so much more.  You can go there just to pick up supplies, or for a monthly fee you can use everything there to make all kinds of Do It Yourself projects.  Sure wish it was closer, I'd be there all the time.  Definitely worth checking out, and a great concept for anyone who is crafty.  And once again, there's Jim fast asleep as I'm looking around LOL. 

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