Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3/4 View Charcoal Portrait - Student Work

These gorgeous pieces belong to my 2nd year 2-d class.  The kids worked in a technique that was new to them.  They used their charcoal stick and turned it on it's side and rubbed the whole paper to completely coat it with charcoal dust.  Then if they wanted to they could use a tissue and in a circular motion blend the charcoal into one perfect dark value.  Everyone used their erasers to draw in their image.  Yes, they drew with their erasers, a novel concept and outside their comfort zone.  :)  And then for the small details and various values they were allowed to use their charcoal pencils.
The top piece belongs to very talented senior Jessica Liu.
Senior Crislyn Ogawa did the sensitive portrait above and senior Sarah Zhang drew her strongest piece to date with the little girl below.

Senior Michelle Lee did the very atmospheric phantom above and we finish off with senior Janice Min who did the expressive child below.  Once again, I'm still struggling with my new camera and the lighting is off in Janice's piece and and in Sarah's we see the date and time.  Sorry!


  1. What a group of awesome, talented student artists.

  2. Thanks for your inspiration! Please see my recent post...


    Nic Hahn