Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Favorite Xmas Gifts in 2011

We saw my ex, Inars, weep joyful tears as he looked upon his Xmas gift from me this year.  I commissioned my very talented student, junior Rita Labib, to make me this wood and glass collage with the pix I had saved of Inars and the kids from the kids growing up years.  The family were all so pleased at how much he loved it and how meaningful it was to him.  Thank you Rita for doing such a beautiful job with this piece.  He has it hanging in his study over his desk.
Another favorite present was from juniors Cindy Kim and Samantha Arias.  They got together and baked me this huge, artful cookie that was devoured within minutes of me bringing it home.  I think there might already be a piece missing.  Just had to taste before I took it home.  Girls, it was De--Lish!!!

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