Friday, February 3, 2012

More Student Ceramics

These lovely vases were done by my 2nd year Ceramics group.  Their assignment was to make a 2 sided, very thin slab vase form that was asymmetrical.
Senior Alyssa Olea above and senior Tiffany Liu below
While the pieces were still plastic (wet) they were instructed in the art of Mishima, an oxide tinted porcelain is inlayed into the clay body.  Then when the clay becomes leather-hard (semi-moist) a flexible metal rib is used to scrap off the outer layer of colored porcelain to reveal the design below.  After bisque firing, we used transparent glaze over top.  These are very delicate, small pieces, non larger then 4-5" tall, and 3" wide.
Above we have senior David Hyun.
And these are the two views of senior Melissa Garcia's lovely piece.  
I apologize for the dates showing in the shots, I just had to get a new camera, the old one died over Xmas break, and I haven't quite figured out all the technical stuff yet.  LOL

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  1. i'm new to your blog, over from jude's, and the student work here is very good. you must be a true inspiration (and motivator!) to facilitate such good work! i will check in again!