Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More New 7th Graders

These are their charcoal cones they just finished after doing the graphite sphere.  I let them try their hand at 4 different kinds of charcoal; twigs, sticks, pencils and conte.  Using their favorite(s) they then created their compositions.
Above we have young artist John Cho with his very sophisticated composition, and below is Seul Eileen Lee.  I think Eileen may have used all 4 charcoal types in her piece, just look closely at all the different shades of grey-black she's getting.  I love that!   

The one above was created by Nicole Lee who has used beautiful craftsmanship in building her piece as has Millie Zhang's twin Olivia, below. 
Look at the variety of textures Olivia was able to achieve.  Cool pieces young ones!

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  1. Hi Mrs. Agrums. This is Nicole. The one done by "Nicholas Leiva" is actually mine, Nicole Lee so ya :D