Thursday, March 1, 2012

Appliquilt Journals - Part II - Student Work

Here we go, more incredible journals for you to see from my Beginning 3-D students.  
This lovely piece "Leaves you Breathless" was made by junior Angela Wan.  Check out her echo stitching around all the major pieces, it really ties the work together

This top piece was done by senior Daniel Ho, who has some of the most beautiful craftsmanship in the class.  
Here we have junior Sara Shams.  Sara was inspired by junior Nikki Shah, who was inspired by my good friend, lawyer turned fiber artist Lori Lawson's eco-dyed cloths that Nikki saw on my blog under Artist's I Follow.  Lori does a lot of dyeing on silk so first Nikki asked me if she could try Lori's technique for her foundation cloths.  I was thrilled so I had Nikki get in contact with Lori. who shared her secrets. Well Sara saw  what Nikki had done and also gave it a try.  So both Sara and Nikki's foundation cloths are done on silk rather then the cotton that all the other kids used.  They were actually easier to needle thru.  You can see the eco-dyeing results below, how pretty and subtle they can be.  I also like how Sara tied her multi-colored pages together. 

Junior Hannah Park, with her theme "To be Beautiful is to be Yourself", has done an exceptional job with this assignment.  So many details to delight the eye, with lots of layering of fabrics and laces.  I adore your piece Hannah!
And check out her multi-colored papers inside.

Junior Alice Zhang,  with her signature greens and oranges, and her "Home and Family" theme, has created a very delicate, sweet piece with arms as closures.  Clever girl!

And I especially love how she wrapped her papers in lace.  What a nice touch.

"You are my Sunshine" was made by junior Julia Chanco.  It features she and her sister when they were younger.  So sweet Julia.  I'm wondering if this is going to be a gift for her?  Notice how many of the kids have thin waxed linen strings with beads on the end.  Many of them did this to be a bookmark.  It's another nice touch.
Below is the backside of junior Sheila San Agustin's journal "Light It Up".  I wanted you to see the special closure that she knit, as well as the piece of netting that she applied over top her foundation cloth.  Very cool Sheila.

Here is junior Nikki Shah's journal that I was talking about earlier.  She is the one that eco-dyed on silk using coffee grounds for her top piece and blueberries and blackberies for back piece.  Her "Memories" journal is exquistite with a beautiful complimentary color scheme, dimensional flowers, echo stitching, and a sweet bookmark.
She even embroidered her initials on the inside flap.

Senior Aparna Vancheswaran made this lovely little journal.  I really like how she rooshed (sp?), means to gather, the leaves as well as making her flower very dimensional with very pretty pearl and bead embellishments.
Junior Stella Park went all out on her "Explore" journal.  Lots of sensory colors, stitching and overlapping fabrics, with cheesecloth, beads and charms.  The close-up below shows my favorite part, the numerous strings that she pulled from various fabric edges that she then couched down.  They create a very dimensional effect.  

And then there is junior Tiffany Lee, superstar extraordinaire, who time after time pushes herself way beyond the limits of the assignment and sets the bar so very high for next years group of children.  Thank you Tiffany, I love that!  It's why I get such incredible pieces year after year because of students like you.

To begin, Tiffany didn't like how her tye-dye fabric looked so she went out and bought printed cotton and tye-dyed over top it.  That's why her fabric is stamped.  
Secondly,  her top cover is highly dimensional with the big fishes teeth and fin coming towards the viewer.  Then there is that cute little fish inside the big one's mouth looking very sad. 
When you open the top flap, you see a sweet little pocket...
And then when you completely open it you see a very dimensional tail on the back side.  But even better, Tiffany painted a special liquid on the fabric so that when you bring it to a darkened room it actually glows in the dark!!!!

For EXTRA CREDIT, on any colored piece paper folded in half like a journal, put your name on the inside of the book, then flip it over to the backside and put the name of the person whose journal you liked the best.  Please browse thru Parts I & II before you make your decision.  Hand to me when you walk in the door tomorrow.

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  1. wow, these are simply fabulous! i have been wanting to do a cloth book cover, these are really an inspiration... i am going to try...but i think i will make the pages cloth too. maybe a "scrap book"?