Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slab Footed Bowls - Student Work

Aren't these spectacular???  These belong to my beginning ceramics kids and were done in the 1st quarter of school.  It's a slab technique using a mold to drape the slab over.  The students had to add a foot to elevate the piece, and also had to include at least 2 surface design techniques in the plastic or leatherhard clay.
I love how this first one turned out after glazing.  It was made by senior Jaimee Chirico and she used a couple different glazes as well as various oxides to achieve this multicolored piece.
This gorgeous pot above was created by senior Kelsey Chang...
and this cool piece was done by senior Tim Chai.

And then we have senior Alice Cho who created this very complex and amazing work.
I also threw in this fun extra credit piece below by Kelsey.  She does at least 3 pieces in the time it takes the other kids to complete their first one.  She's really something!

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