Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More From Ceramics II

Recently I had the kids do a unit on clay inlay called Mishima, and another surface design unit on Sgraffito.    A couple weeks ago I posted their gorgeous Mishima vase forms for you to see. Well I also had them handbuild some molded bowl forms that they were required to do a bit of both techniques in.  So here are a few of the finished pieces.
Here we have senior Alyssa Olea with her beautiful flowered bowl/plate.  She has done the Mishima technique in the center area, and on the petals a bit of sgraffito.  She used cobalt carbonate oxide to color her clay with and a transparent glaze over top.  Look at the sensitivity of her inlay below.  

Next we have senior Tiffany Liu with her adorable "late as usual" inlay" and sgraffito for the clock hands.
And lastly we have senior Hanna Woo with her cute little face bowls.  This was a lot of work you guys.  You all did a great job!  Way to hang in there.

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