Wednesday, October 22, 2014


with rose petals, a daisy, and daffodils.
Couldn't remember if I'd shared this first one or not.
Steamed in rust water.

with maples leaves, exolis leaves and blooms, geranium petals, fuchsia blossoms and an indoor variegated leaf. 
Steamed in clear water.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Let's See What's Hanging...

on the line outside my classroom door.
Lot's of tye-dye going on.
My Beginning 3-D kids are now teaching their friends the art of Tye-Dye,
and now we've got at least 5 kids in the classroom everyday after school rinsing the excess dye out of their garments
 and hanging them on the line to dry overnight. 
What's so cool is that many of these kids are band students who have never been able to fit my class into their schedules.
And they are coming into the art room for the first time in their 6 years at Whitney.
I'm almost thinking of leaving out the dyes all year long to attract even more students.
So every morning when I walk up to my classroom 
I see wonderful design and color as it should be.
And the kids are finding all sorts of things to dye,
as you can see. 
Juniors Hazel Cruz and Erin B. are especially getting some crazy wonderful results.
In fact,
 I gave Hazel a frock of my own to dye, 
and as you can see she did a fantastic job for me.
Thanks Hazel!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Great Shake Out

This last Thursday all across the state of California we had the Great Shake Out, 
a serious earthquake drill.
I shared with my students how scary my room was during the Whittier Narrows Quake in .
The floor was rolling, 
and ceramic pieces were flying off the shelves. 
I could here glass breaking in the kiln room, 
and to top it off I panicked and ran for the door 
(this was before Duck and Cover),
and fell down before I reached the doorway.
So the kids took it really seriously
 and got themselves completely under those desks and tables.
Job well done guys!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Laarnie Barcelone - Student Profile

Senior Laarnie Barcelon is having a banner year as she breezes thru my Advanced 3-D art class.
In her free time she is in my room during lunch and after school creating adtional art works.
In these pix she is trying her hand at painting her dress with the left over dyes from the beginners tye-dye unit. 
Our principal, Dr. Rhonda Bus, just happened to drop by as Larnie was having way to much fun 

And her is the lovely Laarnie showing off her finished piece,
very cleverly accenting it with black jacket and belt for a very pretty picture.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Peek Inside My Classroom

My Intermediate 2-D Students working on their Junk Mail Books.
That's right,
we are recycling junk mail and turning it into an interactive book.
Stay tuned for the finished creations!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

An Early Start On Those Xmas Presents

Eco-Dyeing with Rose Petals and Leaves on Wool Scarfs

Eco-Dyeing with Red Geraniums and their Leaves on Wool Scarfs

Monday, October 13, 2014

Just Messing Around

Wanted to share what I've been up to as my students are tye-dyeing and eco dyeing.

I had some old fabric that I had blueprinted on many moons ago, so I cut it up into small pieces and thought I'd experiment.
So far I've tried two different processes over top.

In this first one I laid down a bunch of leaf windfall from around the school, bundled it up and stuck it in the eucalyptus dye bath for a good steam.

And below I tied the piece up two different times, two different ways going into red first and then into yellow Rit dye.

Here you can see the back side 
and the imprints of the close pins I used to hold it together in the dye.
I really enjoyed the results in both and plan to do more experimenting.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Change in the Weather

I arrived at school early this week to amazing sunrises, and finally,
 I hope, 
to a change in our hot, humid weather we've been having.
I am so ready for Fall.
Bring on the cold!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Back to School Nite 2014

A special thanks to seniors Kaili Hamada and Bianca Tolentino for hanging out with me and demonstrating for the parents on the Saori Loom and Spinning Wheel at Back to School Nite as I introduced myself and my program to the parents.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Small Messy Hands

charcoal on paper

A fun medium but oh so messy for the little ones.
But just wait till you see their results.
We've got a lot of talent once again this year!

Sarah Youn starts us off with this very cool dimensional design.

I love how simple this next composition is with it's fading horizon by Brianna Morales.
She's really achieved a great range of value which makes the piece feel 3-D.

Emily Mercado had fun with her composition  by including text and a night time theme.

And Cayla Buculea has used her eraser to bring out a decorative design across the top of her piece to help balance it out.

Daniel Kwon thought to put his horizon on the diagonal which creates a bit of movement that the eye really likes.
And be sure to check out Daniel's cool signature, looks pro  :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Kids = Happy Teacher

A glimpse into the set up for Tye-Dye.

I get a lot of requests from art teacher across the U.S. about lesson plans, and set ups for certain assignments, 
so I thought I'd start taking additional pix of my students at work. 
I'm very limited on space,
 so sometimes we have to use the floor.  
 it's old school linoleum and it cleans up easily. although I do put newspapers under all the dye buckets. 
This year we had 7 dye buckets going on, 
so we had to house 3 of them behind the check-out counter.
With only 24 students in this class it wasn't too bad.
Some years I've had as many as 35 in this class,
 and it gets a bit ridiculous around those dye  buckets.
 That's when the kids have accidents like getting dye on themselves and their neighbors clothes..
And guess what, it doesn't come out, it's dye!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Back to the 60"s

rit dyes & white paper towels

This unit is one of the many ways I introduce color theory into the 3-d curriculum.
Besides the traditional 60's circular motifs I also show more contemporary techniques and the results are gorgeous.
One of my new favorite new students, junior Hazel Cruz, really got into the whole tye-dye thing, coming in everyday at lunch and after school to do more then required.  
As a result she got in a lot of practice and turned in some fabulous pieces. 
These top three are hers.
I require a single color dip, a two color with overlaps, and a triple color with overlaps.
And of course they can do as many as they want as time allows.

This next one by junior Will Kim, is a 3 color dip in a very contemporary design on the diagonal.
I love the color choices Will made and the way the green and purple look when they are overlapped.

Another new kid that I'm real impressed with is junior Josh Bok.
Just look at this crazy, wonderful mix of traditional and contemporary techniques.
So very cool!

These next two were created by junior Antoniette Jabat.
Above is her two color and below her three color.
Strikingly beautiful.

 And I'll end with a very traditional piece by senior Evelyn Aldana.
It's a three color and the edges of her design look like feathers to me.
So very pretty.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

There's a New Girl in Town

And her name is Mia, 
Mia Love.
Part Jack Russel and part Pit Bull, 
also known as a Bull Terrier, 
and one of the sweetest,
 most gentle dogs I've ever met.

Her owner is Chris Love, our good friend from up on the mountain who just built and finished the inside of our barn.
He's down to build us new wood stairs in our home, 
and man oh man are they looking good!
It's taken a day but our dogs have finally called a truce and are actually interacting in a nice way.
Going so far as to play tug of war over my legs. 

mostly Sophie is doing all the tugging. 
Mia is just being very stoic and patient as Soph tries her best to get her squeaky toy back.
They are cracking me up!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Just Look at My 7th Graders Go!


It's only taken me 3 long weeks to get these young ones used to working in a more adult environment, but I finally feel like they've made it.
With only 3 phone calls home.
even us seasoned teachers need to rely on the parentals for a little help now and then.
This first piece is the work of very talented Cayla Buculea.
She takes her art very seriously and has even begun a sketchbook on her own.
I'm very impressed with her. 

I think it's very cool that the 7th graders have no inhibitions about putting text into their work.
Here sweet Emily Mercado shares her feelings about love.

Another very talented young one is Megan Hur.
She is putting a sophisticated border around her sphere which really pulls the piece together.

And Pamela Yo makes us smile thru the humor and sweetness she brings into her work.

Great job all of you!

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Little Bit of Extra Credit Goes A Long Way

 Only this wasn't so little.
Junior Jonathon Hsu had a bit of time on his hands and whipped this up for me at the end of our Simplified Cityscape exercise in addition to the actual one he did to be graded.
Needless to say I was super impressed!
This must have taken him hours.
The one I graded was in graphite but Jon chose to do this in pen and ink which really makes it pop!
Keep up the great work Jonathon!