Thursday, February 22, 2024


One of you emailed
 and asked if I had used an antique button on top of the pin cushion in the last post.
As a matter of fact I did.  
I honestly don't remember whose button box I found this bit of button treasure,
my mom's, 
my grandmothers (best guess)
my husbands mother,
 or perhaps a donated box from a past Principal at Whitney
 by the name of Patti Hager.
But the thin cardboard these are housed on is very old and worn,
with thin rusty metal wire holding them on.
I adore old finds like this
 and try to make use of them rather then buying new. 
My guess is that they are over 100 years old.
I showed this packet to my husband
 and he was so very distressed I had pulled one off to use.
He told me it's a valuable antique and should be preserved.
Oh well I told him.
 I  had pulled one off a few years back to use,
so I had already destroyed it's integrity. 


  1. ah, but the aesthetic value those buttons added to your handwork is beyond monetary measure

    Liz A


    1. Right Liz?? LOLOL It was just the perfect size and color. How could I resist??

  2. Haha I'm laughing because things are not really as 'valuable' as I used to think back in my Antiquing days! Now, my motto is use it up 🙂

    1. I love Antiques too Nancy, so many of them remind me of my dear mother and Auntie. But I do love repurposing used scissors, threads and needles. Oh, and old sewing machines. I feel as if they were already well loved and they are getting a second chance at life.

    2. I'm enjoying getting to know you this way 🙂 I've been letting go of so much, including most of my mother's sewing box stuff, my sewing machine...stuff!

    3. Well I'm bet you are making sure all of it is going to good homes. I realized several years too late that after my mother passed I gave away things I wish now that I wouldn't have like her old timey juicer and grilled cheese maker. All her pasta making machines and tools. Even though she's been gone now for many years, I still miss her so much and her way with food and gardening. And how she loved me and my children.