Sunday, April 7, 2024


 I never thought in a million years I'd be 68, 
but this is what it looks like after a lot of hard work in the gym, Pilates,
Intermittent Fasting and only 2 meals a day,
 one of which is a big vegie/fruit salad.
Seven pds. lost so far and going for at least 25 more.
I feel like I'm never going to make it,
and it's so hard not to give up.
Plus I love food and I live to eat my ex tells me. 
He on the other hands eats to live and has never has a weight problem.
Everyone tells me I hide it well,
but only because of big blousy shirts.

On another note,
I can only remember 2 other times in my life 
when Easter was on my birthday. 
So this year was double the celebration with my beautiful children,
and my bestest buddy Easton.
We celebrated with an Easter egg hunt 
while E was busy tummy timing it with his music and lights.
I love that my kids still want my ex and I to hide eggs for them.  
They continue to be very competitive siblings.
Can't wait for next year when Easton can participate too.
And color Easter eggs!

My ex hosted at his home
 and my husband drove down to be with his daughter and two grandsons.
It was a very rainy day but my son insisted we still do a barbeque.  
Because it was my birthday the kids did all the cooking 
and it was delicious.

Sadly my ex took a bad fall the day before Easter and was laid up in a sling.
He suffered a broken/cracked humorous and a very swollen leg.
He tripped on a polished wood floor while visiting a friend in the hospital.
It's such a shame because he is still recovering from his heart arrest
and has been doing really well in his physical therapy balance classes.

I had so much fun putting together an Easter bucket for E.  
All was thrifted from our local mountain thrift shop except a brush and comb set.
And if you look closely 
you can see two antique baby rattles from the 50's/60's.
 I picked them up for only 75 cents a piece.
It's so strange to handle plastic that old because it's very brittle.
And of course all the thrifted items got a bath including the stuffed bunny.
What was a little more challenging 
was to draw and watercolor Easton's Easter card.
I haven't done representational figures since I stopped teaching 4 years ago,
so I'm really out of practice.
But it turned out being super fun, 
and my kids thought it was store bought.
Hee hee 
I love when I can surprise them with something I've made.


  1. Happy Easter/Birthday Season (because birthdays should be celebrated for more than one day) ... love your happy family pix ... and congrats on being 7 pounds lighter (hard to do at this age, as I well know!)

    1. In my 30's, 40's and 50's it was fairly simple to loose weight but something happened in my 60's. It's almost impossible now to slim down. A doctor friend of mine who is in his 60's and also struggling with his weight told me that woman starting in their 60's have such a hard time because they are producing too much cortisol in their body which holds on to weight. And something about our adrenal glands slowing down. I've got some research to do because I really want to be healthy for Easton.