Thursday, February 29, 2024


Easton's Baby Blanket

I wanted to make sure my daughter Dani had input into the baby blanket 
that I wanted to make for our little man,
so I had her chose a pattern and the yarn.
I knew she would never like what I would have chosen.
Our tastes are very different so I played it safe.
Both yarn and pattern were from Shelly Brander's Knitstars shop. 
Have I talked about Knit Stars?
Can't remember,
but it is the most wonderful knitting/crochet store/community
of famous knit stars from all over the world.
And I mean really famous!!
Every year Shelly and her very professional crew
 travel the whirrled to find knitters who are trending.
Then she films their beautiful landscape surroundings,
their studio space, 
and the pro knitter demonstrating their trending patterns and designs.
I have done (paid for) all 8 seasons/years
 and have currently signed up for number 9 at her early bird pricing.
And you have the Seasons forever!
I feel the pricing is very reasonable for all that you get.
I have now traveled the world by armchair with Shelly and her team 
to some of the most amazing locations on earth
 to watch these incredibly prolific fiber artists.
And oh my,
I've learned so much in the process!!
Tomorrow I will show off a baby sweater I knit for sweet Molly.
Just finished it last week and I'm hoping the weather continues to be chilly.
The Knit Star was featured recently in season 8.
And it's probably one of my most favorite patterns to date.
So stay turned dear friends as I try very hard to be more present on my blog.
A side note:
After some recent blood work,
 2 of my doctors told me to get my butt to the gym.
:( :(
I have a fatty liver and pre-diabetes 
which I understand is something else that is trending here in America. 
 I need to shed at least 30 pds. 
which as of late,
 I disguise rather well under baggy tops.
I've gained that weight since I married my husband 12ish years ago.
He is a fast food junky because he worked in that industry his whole life,
and he's been a very bad influence on me.
When he had his gallbladder removed a few years back his doctor told me
it was the "biggest shit show he'd ever seen."
Ha ha!!
LOL  :):):)
So I'm not the only one who needs to loose weight in this household,
but that's a whole other story for another time.

in the last month I joined a Pilates club and average 2-3 times a week there,
 as well as 2-3 times a week at the gym for weights and cardio.
Love going to Pilates which really surprised me,
but I still HATE going to the gym.
That I have to force myself to do.
Have I noticed a difference?
I've lost my first 5 pds which thrills me
 and an inch in my hips and another inch in my big old tummy.
My arms are looking way more toned and defined,
and I also lost weight thru my legs which look slimmer thru the thighs.
Woo Hoo!!!!
Now to just keep it up.
I also feel different when I walk.
I'm standing up straighter
 and my thighs are not rubbing together as much.
But let me tell you I'm spending a fortune at the Pilates Club.
Over $200 a month.
They are all very expensive in our community,
but I talked them into giving me a senior retiree discount,
but it's still a ridiculous amount of money.


  1. I've been doing a modified Pilates stretching routine for 8 years now ... for sure it helps my back and prevents my sciatica from flaring up ... and yes, it feels good

    Liz A

    1. Do you have your own reformer or do you go to physical therapy facility or club??

    2. I used to have a subscription to BeachBody workouts and found the modified Pilates routine suited me best ... I unsubscribed BeachBody after a year and have been doing just the Pilates segment ever since ... no equipment, just a mat on the bedroom floor

    3. Good for you Liz, I wish I could motivate myself to do workouts at home but I just never stick with it.

  2. I love the colors for baby here. Not the baby pastels of years gone by!

    1. She used those colors plus black and white for the baby's room. It's really cool, but yes, nothing like I did 30 years ago that's for sure. :)