Saturday, March 2, 2024


After seeing my recent post on watercolor and woven hearts,
fiber artist Liz Ackert and dear blogger friend in Texas,
wove one for her granddaughter's birthday.
I sent her my little demo heart  (above left) I used to teach with,
along with a piece of the background fabric middle) she had admired.
And another blogger superstar and fiber artist Deborah Lacativa sent her 
that gorgeous embroidered heart that she sells in her shop.
I adore Deb's hearts so much that I've already purchased two.
Plus Deb dyes her own embroidery threads that she calls "Dirty Threads"
and sells those as well.
But they go fast!
Many of us here in blog land and elsewhere use her threads in our projects
because they are stunning and add so much to our beauty to our work.

Here you can see that Liz used hand dyed fabric strips to weave with.
And she stitched them together for a longer weft.
It's so colorful and happy.
Your granddaughter is going to love it Liz!


  1. Wow … such synchronicity … and Google actually knows who I am today!

    1. Wow, that is so random about your name and Google. I like the way your comments are set up now, easier for us who are not very techie. :)

  2. Thanks for the gracious nod. And yes, I"m fresh outta thread and cloth for now!

    1. I just adore the heart of yours that Liz picked out.

  3. How funny, I was over at Liz's earlier and did not see the little weaving. I think it is because I go straight into her blog from my own...never even realized it was set up this way! haha The woven heart looks great ❤️

    1. Thanks Nancy, they are so fun and easy to weave.