Wednesday, November 22, 2023



There is so much to be Thankful for on this home front with the birth of our grandson and Jim and Inars continued good health and recovery. 

Once again thanks to all of you who have emailed, and asked about the baby.

 Is he here yet?

Oh my, YES!!

Little guy Easton arrived on October 11 at 12:15 a.m., 4 weeks early, but weighing in already at 6 pds. 1oz. and 19 inches long.  My daughter Dani had a very easy delivery once she asked for that epidural, and was able to push him out in less then 15 minutes.  I had the extreme pleasure of watching him being born, a brand new experience for me, and mom and dad wanted me to cut his cord.  They didn't want a glimpse of any of that down there.  LOLOL

How lucky for me!!

First time Easton is meeting mommy and daddy.

Tiny but perfect in everyway, he has brought a whole new HUGE love to our family.  I have never felt this kind of joy before, and if I miss over 2 days of not seeing, holding and sniffing him, I need an Easton fix.

Luckily he is only 20 minutes away.

All cleaned up after his birth!

Dad taking charge right away.
Damn I love that!!!!

Meeting Grandma Deb and Grandpa Inars (my ex) for the first time.

Snuggling with mom
on the same day of Easton's birth in the afternoon, 
with tons of visitors popping in and out of the hospital room.  
Check out how large those newborn clothes are on him.

I was such a scared and timid mother with my first born Zach,
 never having babysat and knowing next to nothing about babies 
(no Google or Instagram at that time).
My mother was close by my side for a good week
as I was so overwhelmed.
 But Easton's mom and dad have taken to it like bees to honey.  
They aren't lowering their voices, the dogs are barking,
 and those loud noises don't seem to bother Little E at all. 
Day two of E's life and he's ready to leave the hospital.
They get the parents in and out quickly these days.
And what a cutie he is, so tiny in that big car seat!
In a lot of his pix you will see his right hand on his face.
His fingers are extra long and his feet are big for one so small.
Humm, baseball player like dad?  
First day home and in his crib.
You can see how even though he is stretched out here his clothes are just too big.
 So off to the store and a few preemie outfits found.
Home in his room with mom in their rocker for the first time.

Because so many women are pumping and have excess milk these days,
 it's really nice that the hospital
 gives the parents enough donated breast milk until mom's comes in.
I have no recollection of that when I left the hospital.

Easton sleeps thru everything,
I just can't get over that.
And he is such a good baby, 
so far he only cries when he is getting his diaper or clothes changed.
He thrives in very noisy places
 like watching his daddy play his weekly night baseball games,
 or watching dad bowl each week with the guys.
Just sleeps right thru everything and never makes a peep.
Dan takes him everywhere,
even going with mom to get her toes done
(she can actually she them again, haha!)
 Of course he loves being held,
 is a hearty burper and pooper, 
and really enjoys his stroller buggy rides with this grandma! 

 And to top it off,
he loves a party. 
On his 2nd day home he was off to a family party with his dads side of the family, meeting his cousins, uncles, aunts and great grandma Irene.

Step grandpa, Pop pop, fell in love with the little guy instantly
and is looking a bit like Jay Leno here.
It is so fun seeing the wonder on everyone's face as they meet Easton
or hold him.
I keep wondering what he will call me. 
 I'm kind of hoping for Mimi,
 that is what Jim's grandsons call me.  
Or maybe he will come up with a special sounding name.  
It's all good.

My son and daughter-n-law came up from L.A. in the Valley,
 brand new Auntie and Uncle,
to meet Easton and spend an afternoon with him and the new parentals.

His doggos are so over the moon in love with him,
 Granger, Tatum, and Kepler.
Kitty Lily is still not so sure.
Here are two of them on their way home from grandpas
 to met the baby for the first time.  
It was such a delight to watch that. 
 Just stretched my heart even more. 
 The dogs went crazy happy when they saw him 
and all wanted to give him sniffs and kisses.  
 Tatum has identified herself as his second momma in charge of many kisses,
 as well as face and neck clean up of any milk that has escaped 
down his chin and around his neck.  
Granger and Kepler are his constant companions and watchdogs 
who follow mom and dad from room to room with him
or lay by the bassinette while he naps. 

 who gained 40 pds and worked out everyday while pregnant,
has lost 30 of it already,
 but shared with me today that she's struggling with those last 10.
I told her not to worry, 
she looks amazing and it will eventually come off.
And she is already back at the gym which is great for me because I get to babysit.

Dad had 3 weeks off but went back to work last week.
The minute he walks in the door he goes straight to the little guy
and smothers him with love and kisses.
Honestly I have never seen a dad take to a baby the way he does.
Just warms my heart.
These are two of my favorite photos so far in his bacon and egg preemie outfit.
In the top one my daughter captured one of his very first smiles.
The bottom is fresh out of the bath with his hair still slightly wet
and ready for bed.
I've gotten to watch a few of his bath videos and they melt my heart.

We continue to pray for our country and the peoples of the world, 
and are hoping peace will come soon for the many war torn countries.
  These are heartbreaking times for so many, 
so this year we are extra thankful and am feeling so very blessed 
to be here safe and snug in our beautiful community and home.

Wishing all a wonderful Holiday Season and Peace on Earth.


  1. What a wonderful way to begin my Thanksgiving ... thank you for sharing this sweet little guy with all of us ... I love seeing you hold Easton much as I held each of mine, with one hand under his head and the other cradling his back, holding him up and away, the better to have those first wonderful conversations ... and then to pull him in close, the better to nuzzle that sweet little head ... the most peaceful feeling in the world
    xxoo Liz

    1. So glad you peeked in to see the post. It took me 3 days to put it all together. I guess that's why I've been procrastinating so long to get one up. Ha ha. So glad you enjoyed it Liz, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. What a beautiful baby and to be born into such a loving family.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Beverly. Thank you for your lovely comment and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. xo

  3. Hi Deb (it's Lori L): I am so thrilled for you. You look absolutely radiant with happiness. Best wishes to you and all of your family for the holidays.

    1. OMG, so great to hear from you. Miss you lots! Being a grandma is the absolute best!! My heart feels like it's expanded 10 fold. I'm just so happy all the time. I'd love for you to catch me up again with all you've been up to when you get a chance. Sending you hugs and love. Happy Holidays my friend. xoxoxoxox

  4. HOW DID I MISS THIS????????????????? Oh! so so
    Beauty FULL....ALL!!!!!! I am so beyond happy for you, for this oh so excellent Family of all , this little Being who has come to Bless you....Just so Great and way more, Deb....All Happiness to you as you begin your adventure with him
    Love and Love

    1. I'm so excited Grace that you got to meet our little guy Easton. He has been such a blessing and brings all of us so much joy. Thank you so much for your heartfelt wishes. Happy Holiday to you and your sweet family. xoxoxo