Friday, December 8, 2023


Back when I was teaching,
 I featured my Art Assistant Alyssa Olea often. 
First as my Ceramics student, 
then T.A.,
and she actually came back after she graduated High School
and assisted me a few days a week as her second job 
while putting herself thru college.  
I featured her wedding to her High School sweetheart Lucien Morales 
but what I haven't shared yet is that they are pregnant.
The baby is due soon in December and for her shower I gifted her a baby sweater
 I had knit several years in this post.
Back when I posted about it I thought it was destined for my step daughter Julie,
but she seems to only produce boys and she and hubby have decided NO more.
And since my daughter Dani had a boy I thought it was time to let it fly away.
The original post of it is much brighter and nicer if you are interested. 
So anyways, 
 I'm super excited to see this on her little girl.
Probably won't be till later in 2024 as it is for a 3 month old or so.
I'll keep you updated when I receive that pix. 
Besides the yummy Noro yarn I used from Japan, 
my favorite part of the sweater were the antique buttons
 from my husbands mothe 's button box.
Her family called her Cappy. 
I never got to meet Cappy but her son tells me she sewed all her own clothes 
and was quite the fashion plate and as well as a character.
I love that !


  1. Beautiful sweater for one lucky little girl

    1. Thank you Beverly, it was a bit hard to part with. It was so dear to me but so is Alyssa so I couldn't think of a more wonderful person to gift it to. Can't wait to see a pix of her little one in it.

  2. I had to smile ... no sooner had my daughter parted with her daughter's baby clothes (giving me some for a coverlet, the rest sent to her cousin for a soon-to-be born baby girl), when she discovered she was once again pregnant with another baby girl

    and oh, those tiny buttons and those gentle colors ... I do hope you'll get to visit the sweater and its lucky little lady

    1. Yes, so looking forward to meeting the little one, and hopefully her mommy will send me a pix with her in the sweater as she grows into it. So Liz, how close in age are your daughters little ones?

    2. Parker and Ellis are two years and four months apart ... and will likely be three grades apart in school, but they share a room and are great good friends to each other

  3. and yes, that was me ... Liz A

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