Monday, May 21, 2018


tissue paper, various other papers. cardboard, ribbons, duck tape, modge podge, glue

I've always had the kids make their own Portfolios to house their artwork in.
Over the years the design ideas have changed up quite a bit.
I think this current one that I've been using for about the last 10 years is my favorite of all.

Here we see 8th grader Sophia Matthews beginning her collage.

This is by far the most complex design process to try to explain, 
and the requirements were numerous,
so I'm not even going to attempt it.
Ha ha
Just know the students probably worked harder on this piece than any other work they did all year.

We start with junior Manishka Ranjit.
She pushed herself and went all out with her incredible design.
When she showed me her idea 
I told her it was going to be too difficult to do within the the time allowed.
So rather then give up,
she took her piece home almost every nite to work extra on it.
And I'm so glad she did because it is truly a work of art.
Here is a close-up of all the cutting and gluing she had to do to put both sides together.

For some reason, 
this next one by junior Ellya Gholmieh was not photographed completely open.
Sorry Ellya.
Her design was so very modern as well as non-objective.
So very unique.
Here is a close-up as well.
I love how she used the same tissue over top itself to get those fractures with a darker value range.

In this next one by 8th grader Madison Plotkin.
we see a fabulous contrast between light and dark which really showcases her design.

And another 8th grader,
Eric Ren,
created this wonderful landscape that contains so much movement.
He manages to move our eye across entire piece.

And check out this wild & exciting one by senior Jessica Mones,
another very complex design that took her extra time and effort as well.

Senior Esther Ahn created this very delicate under the sea design.
In this particular technique that we did,
it's very difficult to work with linear elements,
but Esther was able to pull it off with her precise craftsmanship skills.

I love the powerful colors and paper choices that 8th grader Ashley Lee brought to this portfolio.
And talk about movement,
8th grader Brandon Delgado worked with a snake as his subject,
and really pulled off a gorgeous piece below.

But it was senior David Tung that came up with this perfect, timely piece.
I love that he used a patriotic theme during this time in our lives with so much strife.
A true Patriot!
So proud of you David.


  1. I think back to the plain black portfolio I carried to art classes long ago and faraway ... what a missed opportunity!

    And David Tung’s inside out flag made me think of Jasper Johns for sure!

    1. David will love your comment. He just finished his Art History A.P. testing and I'm sure he had to study Jasper's work!