Thursday, May 10, 2018


graphite on bristol board with watercolor & paper collage accents

It is such a pleasure for me to show off the incredibly gifted art talents in my 2nd year 2-D class.
Two of these three senior girls are off to our top art school in the country,
Art Center of Design in Pasadena.

All 3 girls went so far over their minimum requirements for this assignment.
I love when the kids push themselves so.
The minimum was a 3 box construction in graphite with a light source and cast shadows.
Let's see what they did.

We start with Sarah Oh,
bringing in her distinctive cats and fish that are present in many of her pieces.
She balances the piece thru Approximate Symmetry and by watercoloring only the cats.
Sarah has also brought in the prefect amount of pen & ink on the cats.
Bravo young woman!
A truly complex piece.

Tiffany Chen creates this magical wonderland,
and moves your eye diagonally thru the work which the eye loves.
I also like the linear repeated texture she has brought into the upper left corner 
that helps to balance out the horned creature.

But the piece that really did it for me was this last one by Mary Kim,
and her 1-point ship.
That alone must have taken her hours,
but it was the paper collage that brought it to life.
She went thru my scrap paper drawer and found this discarded paper towel tye-dye piece. 
She masterfully ripped it into many pieces 
then patiently collaged it back together around the ship.
Also love how she pushed a couple of pieces outside the borderline.
Brilliant work Mary!

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  1. Another near-miss ... so glad I'm scrolling back through the posts today. Sarah's work has become recognizable to me over time, and I especially love her fish, always so subtly detailed ... I'm loving the sinuous lines of Tiffany's dragon and the floral corners contrasted with the strong lines of the castle, though I wondered about the notches in the shadows along the roofline until Oh! Ah, I see the pennant now! ... but yes, Mary's incredible collaging around the humble, yet finely detailed container ship is rightly placed as a show stopper.

    Such talent!