Wednesday, May 9, 2018


charcoal on paper

Even though this is a messy assignment,
the little ones do a remarkably good job with this medium
while managing to keep themselves fairly clean in the process.
Most of the time.
Ha ha

What's really hard for them is keeping their drawing paper clean & not smudging their work.
Or if they do smudge,
make it work for them as background or foreground.
Let's see how they did.

The one above was made by Alanna Chan
She managed to keep her piece very clean with great looking textures.

In this next one by Sabrina Wang,
she worked her smudges into her background area which created wonderful value.
I also feel the halos she placed around the cones and cast shadow very appealing.

Here we see Azalea Han using her fingers to smudge the backdrop on purpose.
I also really like the geometric lines she incorporated in to the background.

Because Halloween was approaching when we did this assignment 
Serena Lee let that be her inspiration for her design.

And Eileen Rodriguez Salahi
 created this amazing woven backdrop design which must have taken hours.
So worth it Eileen.

Great job all of you!

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  1. I went to an lecture on color and light by Texas State prof this past week and he spoke at length about how he uses maquettes to inform his work. Alanna's piece brought that to mind as her cones look absolutely dimensional against the planar background ... Sabrina's cone on the left is wonderfully pointed ... Azalea's tangram tiles are a delight ... a nod to Serena for showing us her light source ... and kudos to Eileen for her beautifully wrought background.