Wednesday, May 16, 2018


cotton cloth, Rit dyes, rubber bands, string, clamps, clothes pins

The results the beginners achieved with these inexpensive cloth dyes were spectacular.
They were shown traditional techniques from the 1960's & 70's, 
as well as more contemporary folding and clamping techniques.
Many of the kids also chose to add some rusty metal findings which added even more interest.
Let's take a peek.

I felt that senior Simran Ranjit's piece was truly unique and super eye-catching.
And I love the rust pieces she incorporated.

 8th grader Annie Nguyen used a traditional technique that she off centered,
overlapping and dipping into each of the Primary colors for a powerful pop of color.
Gorgeous Annie!

And very brave 8th grader Bhumika Kalaimalai 
left her top piece above in the fuchsia dye for an extra long time
resulting in that rich & deep reddish violet.
In some of the pix here,
you might be seeing two pieces together,
like here in Bhu's photo..
It's because the kids were required to make two very different patterns,
but with at least one similar color so if used together they would have visual flow.
As you can see here, 
Bhumika did just that.

11th grader Sandra Chea pinched and rolled her top cloth into a spiral,
then dipped into blue, red & black for another striking design,
on top of her very soft looking clamped piece underneath. 

And youngster Adiyan Hossain,
an 8th grader,
folded and clamped this gorgeous piece,
then dipped into blue and purple.

And I love this soft blue/green piece by junior Rachel Tibayan.
She folded, clamped and added a bit of rust.

And check out this beauty by 8th grader Sophia Oporto.
Looks like Sophia made many folds towards the center therefore getting a starburst.

And everyone loved both Sahana Ramesh's cloths.  
Both are super cool as well as dynamic.

But it was this one by senior Hana Kim that was so very special.
When asked how she achieved her results,
she said she took a brush and simple painted with the dyes onto her cloth.
Which totally changes up this whole assignment with possibilities for next year.


  1. I would take great pleasure in using any of these cloths ... they are beautifully done and hold great potential

    1. Thank you Liz, I read your comment to the kids and you should have seen the smiles on their faces :) xoxoox