Wednesday, May 23, 2018


embroidery hoops, felt pieces, crewel or embroidery needles, pearle cottons

Oh boy did we have fun with this new assignment.
In years past,
 to teach the embroidery unit,
 I've had the kids make Preliminary Felt Embroidered Pouches.
But ever couple of years I like to change things up a bit.
Or I'll see something done by another artist in a gallery, show or magazine
that causes me to pause and think,
hey my kids could do that!

I've also been noticing in all my Fiber magazines that embroidery is coming back into vogue.
How wonderful!

We start with this incredibly well designed and crafted piece by 8th grader Bhumika Kalaimalai.
Besides bringing in all the stitches I taught the kids,
she also brought in a few of her own.

This next beauty was made by senior Vivian Shi.
Viv also did an extra stitch that she taught herself in the middle flower.
For each assignment,
 I bring to school my art books to share with the kids
for additional resources.
And in this unit
 there was so much interest that many of the students took advantage of learning a few extras.

How sweet is this next one by junior Kiana Hernandez.
So delicately balanced thru both color and design.
And also beautifully crafted.

This next cutie patootie was made by 8th grader Yusuf Karan.
Yusuf loves cats and usually uses them as subject matter in all his assignments. 

One of my personal favorites was this one by junior Ann Luong.
Just lovely!

And check out this coilorful peacock by 8th grader Heer Patel.
One of Heer's signature moves in all her pieces is to try to use every color in the rainbow.
I really like how she was able to distribute those colors in a balanced way
by filling up a lot of the negative space..

One of the classes favorites was this one by senior Inna Sikar.
She also made great use of her negative space and color choices.
And don't you just love that tye-dyed felt backdrop?

I'm so thrilled to show these off.
Tomorrow will be Part 2

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  1. Oh fun!

    Bhumika's bluebonnet-like stems caught my eye first, but better yet were the bullion and knot clusters ... Vivian's graceful scrolls leading to that sweet flower in the middle ... Kiana's masterful satin stitch daisy and equally sweet soft-edged satin in pink filled with knots ... Yusef's whimsical whiskers (way to get in those extra stitches) ... Ann's fawn is so clearly wrought with minimal lines (and how sweet ... we had twin fawns born right outside our window yesterday) ... Heer's clever rendering of peacock plumage (with a nod to the wisdom of stitching a rainbow into every piece ... gotta remember that) ... last, Inna's coffee beans foreground (there's a double entendre in there, pun intended ;)