Friday, May 11, 2018


graphite on bristol board with colored pencil accents

In yesterday's post you saw 1-Point Perspective work,
today the Box Constructions are in 2-Point.

In this first one senior Tiffany Chen shows off her mastery of composition &  design.
She's also got a wonderful range of cast shadows going on,
but it's the sweet string of lights that really pulls it together and adds so much more interest.

Senior Mary Kim has designed this very intriguing & fun piece.
We all loved her slime coming out of the box,
but it was her border that made this really special done in colored pencil.
And so clean.
I always grade the kids on craftsmanship.

Senior Christian Balbido has built us an abandoned house with so many cool details.
Note how he has balanced the large cast shadow (lower left)
with the bit of yellow lightening coming from the cloudy sky on right.
I also like the fact that he mounted it on top of the black construction paper.

And we end today with senior Sarah Oh and her beloved animals.
She has completely covered all her graphite with colored pencil
which helps her piece stand out from the crowd.
Her stair box construction in 2-Point was very challenging to get just right,
but she nailed it.
And check out the outstanding cast shadows under the animals that are climbing the stairs.
This young lady has a gift as do all the young ones I feature on this blog.

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  1. How did I miss this one? Oh, that's right, I was visiting my grandkids ... ha! That's why I always scroll back through the Artisun posts, to see replies and revisit good work and just generally start my day inspired by very good (sometimes great) art. And to see what I might have missed.

    This post does not disappoint. Christian's house is a show-stopper ... an absolute wonder of details, including shadows on shadows ... Sarah's tigers and the one deer in particular that had me looking twice ... Tiffany's gift is showing how the humble sphere exercise can grow into something so much more sophisticated ... but it was Mary's composition that surprised me in winning "saving the best for last" honors with its precise box (love the nails) juxtaposed with the organic ooze. Truly exceptional.