Tuesday, May 8, 2018


When Jim & I were looking to buy a cabin about 5 years ago,
we spent many weekends going with realtors looking for just the right place.
We almost gave up when the sales person showed us this tiny home.
It was May 
and the first thing I noticed were the lavender Lilac bushes on either side of the porch in full bloom,
my mother's favorite flower and color.
I personally believe in "signs"
That's when I knew this was the one.
Jim liked it because it was the only one that had just 3 steps to get to the front door.
Ha ha
So it was a done deal.
Well it's been 5 years since I first saw those Lilacs
and they have grown taller than the cabin and gotten so full
and are absolutely spectacular this year,
growing thru Jim's twig arbor he built.

Three maybe four years ago I planted this little snowball bush,
a cousin to the Hydrangea only a much smaller bloom,
and it has tripled in size.
These and so many other delicate plants and trees up on the mountain 
would never have grown for me 
down below in our hot Santa Ana Canyon.
So many wonderful firsts up here.
My mother, 
Aunt Elena (mother's sister) & Aunt Doreen (father's sister),
 and my maternal grandfather ,
who were all extraordinary gardeners,
 would have been so pleased and thrilled to see their green thumbs passed onto my son and I.
I'm holding out hope that one of these days my daughter's thumb will turn green as well.
Ha ha.

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  1. We drove from summer in Texas to spring in Missouri and back over the past two weeks ... much as I love our gnarly land of flood and drought, I do miss garden lovelies like lilacs ...