Monday, May 14, 2018


he's been a naughty dog.
I've seen that look many a time on my own dog's face.

This dog belongs to junior Timothy Reyes from my Ceramics I class this year.
Tim told me he had just finished his Ceramics project at home
and this is what awaited him when he got out of the shower. 
 A broken Face Rattle.
Bah....bad dog!!!!

These kids I have been blessed to work with are the best,
so responsible, so wanting to please.
I told Tim "No problem, there is always a plan B" with me.

Tim sent me this e-mail a little after 12:00 a.m.

Hi Ms. Sposa, 
It's around midnight and I've been working on my rattle. I got pretty far and decided to take a shower. With my luck, I come out to find my piece in chunks and the plastic shredded. I don't know if it dropped from the table or my dog got up to get it. This day has definitely not been a good one for me, can we work something out tomorrow? I feel really bad because I was finally able to start resembling the face of the person I chose. 
Thanks for understanding,
Tim Reyes

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