Saturday, August 22, 2015


clay, glazes & oxides

Here they are, 
the heads we saw last week peeking at us from the kiln shelf.
All so expressive.
The kids were scared of this assignment.
I think they surprised themselves with how well they did.

 This wonderfully perplexed soul was created by junior Efrain Quintero.
He stained him with cobalt carbonate which turns a blue/black without glaze over top.

Senior Michelle Cuatrona has sculpted this hopeful individual with the crazy piercings.
Michelle used metal right in the plastic clay for the pierced jewelry.

You might be noticing that most of these faces that I share are males.
That's because it is very difficult to sculpt a female in clay.
The reason is because when first learning to make these faces 
we have a tendency to make the features overly large 
which translates to a male face.

I feel junior Celeste Zambrano's piece on the left is leaning more towards female than male
 because of the longer blonde hair and blue eyes.  
8th grader Julia Ruiz knocked me out of the water with hers.
I love it!
Looks like a rock-a-billie character with those longer sideburns.

I also really like how expressive 8th grader Eugene Ho's face is.
He did a tremendous job with all his features.
Very believable.

And then there was senior laarnie Barcelon's,
the class favorite.
A fabulous piece in every way!
Features, expression and glazing.

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  1. Oh Laarnie ... what will we do without you? Here's hoping that the year ahead will give us some glimpses into your new world.