Wednesday, August 19, 2015


colored wool roving, soap bars & hot water

Oh Malia,
Malia Pulido,
I need your help again!!
My husband accidently threw away some of my notes for who created these pieces.
Do you know whose are whose???

I adore the rich colors both these students worked with.
The one on the left reminds me of a watercolor with a human on it's knees;
the one on the right marbleized papers wrapped up with twine which Malia tells me 
belongs to Gabby Roxas..

And how clever to use "Starry Night" as inspiration Adele Sarmiento!

And all three of these have such great color and pizazz.
Thinking the happy face was done by Min Kim.

But it was this subtle one that really moved me by Jessica Uyan.
Makes me think of a waterfall in the forest.
Very tranquil.


  1. Love the soft focus on the waterfall ... perfect

  2. Hi Mrs. Sposa. I see you have requested my help again. Haha. Sorry I noticed this so late. Okay, so I only know a few of them, but I will still try to figure out the others. I know that the soap scrub on the right in the first picture (the one with white and a kind of maroon color) belongs to Gabriela Roxas (she goes by Gabby). The "Starry Night" soap scrub belongs to Adelle Sarmiento (hopefully I spelt that right). I'm not completely sure, but I want to say that the soap scrub with a happy face, the one in the middle of the third picture, is Min Kim's. But, again, I'm not completely sure about that one. Okay, sorry again that I noticed so late! Hopefully this helps! -Malia Pulido :)

  3. Hello Mrs. Sposa! I noticed that you didn't have a name for the last one! That particular one was made by Jessica Uyan :)