Sunday, August 30, 2015


clay, glazes, oxides

It's so much  fun to watch the kids make these sweet little boxes.
By 4th quarter they have all their clay & glaze skills under their belts
 so they eat this assignment up.
Let's take a look.

Junior Klyne Madayag always gives us impeccable craftsmanship as she builds her pieces.
She also has a great design sense and a way with glaze application as you can see.
She has used Chili on the outside with Black on the inside.

These next two boxes belong to senior Ankita Batra and junior Christine Kim.
The kids have many options open to them about how they make their lids lock.
In these two beauties both girls have hinged them together with waxed linen.
But what I really want you to see is their surface designs on the outside.
Pretty darn intricate, right?

Well it looks like Klyne made two,
one for the assignment and one for extra credit 
or maybe just cuz she enjoyed the process so much.
The little cutie on the right is her other one,
and the sweet one with the flower on top belongs to senior Athena Mao.
I really like the shape of your box and how it morphs as it works down to the bottom.

The glaze really stands out in this one above by 8th grader Julia Ruiz.
I love the earthy quality of our Copper glaze and how it breaks.
And with Julia adding the black horizontal thru the midsection,
it really makes the piece pop.

One of my favorites is this good looking box by senor Eduardo Jacinto.
The Jade glaze plays so well with the cobalt oxide.

this next one is so cool!
Love those curvy lines pulling the piece together.
This one was created by senior Elijah Ramos.

And I really like the shape and texture going on in this piece by senior 
Payal Morari.
I also appreciate the time she put into glazing it thru color blocking.

And we end with this adorable box by OMG,
I don't know!
Help me on this one young uns.
It's such a cute little form with great texture that comes thru the glaze.
the golden yellow was achieved with the Rutile oxide.

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