Wednesday, August 12, 2015



I showed off this charcoal self-portrait yesterday of alum Anne Allan 
that she did as a freshman in art school up at San Jose State.
I thought it might be interesting for all my students to see more of her first year work.

I was especially attracted to this partially Blind Contour of her dorm room.
I loved the fluidity of her line and her attention to detail.

I was also impressed with her work in Gouache.
Gouache is an opaque watercolor medium and fun and challenging to work in.
This was Anne's first experience using it and as you can see...oh my!

Sadly it's too expensive for me to buy gouache for my high school art students.

Here is a peek inside her sketchbook.
On the left two more pieces in gouache on location,
top right some marker work,
and below that, 
a bit of pen & ink.
I really like that Anne is experimenting with a variety of media.
I forgot to ask her how many sketchbooks she filled in her first year.
Send us a number Anne!

Anne was kind enough to leave a few of her pieces with me
 so I could share them with my students.
This piece above was everyone's favorite.
(mine were the gouache pieces)
The kids love her drawings on the computer!

One of her most tedious pieces was this sphere in graphite below.
She was required to use multiple lead pencils (6H to 6B) to build up the values with
for a photographic rendered effect.
Exquisite Anne!

And I end with another gouache piece that I really liked,
this simple, sweet still life.
I admire how she is able to work in such a spontaneous loose manner,
something I was never able to do.

Thank you Anne for allowing me to share your work.
I look forward to seeing more of your artwork after your sophomore year.

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