Tuesday, August 4, 2015


pen & ink on paper

Before I take this group into Scratchboard I prepare by giving them exercises in 
Crosshatching and Pointillism,
both techniques that are used in Scratchboard.

These are typically 3 day drawings, 
usually pretty simple in subject,
but over the years the kids have really gone all out with these quick little drawings.

These first two belong to senior Nathan Chong.

What's so interesting about all of these drawings 
is that even though all the kids are either drawing only with lines or dots,
every single one of them comes up with their own look within the technique.
Above is Nathan's crosshatch piece and below is his pointillist work.
I feel his pointillism piece is quite strong.

In this next work senior Michael Cantu combines both techniques in one composition,
another option.
Notice how different his crosshatching looks in his moon,
compared to Nathans.
 Michael is using his pen with a softer touch to get a smaller point in the rest of the piece.

Next we are seeing junior Jonathan Hsu's hatcher strokes, 
again different then both Nathan and Michael.
I'm not positive,
but it looks as if Jonathan has used a ballpoint pen rather than the Razor Point I gave them to use.
It has a much looser look to it.
This piece by Jonathan was a class favorite.

And lastly we have the drawings by junior Elias Rodriquez.
Elias is combining both techniques above for a very simple and sweet composition,
and then choosing only pointillism below for his eye.
Both are lovely.

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  1. It is the faces ... Nathan's pointillism and Jonathan's lines ... that draw me in (sorry, had to say that). Astonishing that this is the work of an intermediate class.