Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I have to be honest.
Sometimes I lose students when my back is turned 
and I'm helping other kids with their art projects.
And when I notice they are gone and they haven't asked for permission to leave 
"all hell breaks loose".
I go on a search and destroy until I find them.
And if I can't find them I call the office for our campus police to begin a search.

Usually the kids will have escaped for a few minutes when they think I'm not going to notice,
little do they realize I ALWAYS NOTICE.  ha ha

They are most often found wandering the halls waving to their friends in other classes,
or chatting in the bathrooms,
occasionally in the office talking to their counselor.
But this year was a first.
When junior A.K. turned up missing from Beginning 3-D art,
I found him studying in Josh's succulent garden with his earphones on.
That's why he couldn't hear me calling for him.
So instead of telling him to get his you know what back into my classroom,
I told him not to move so I could grab my camera.