Saturday, August 15, 2015


My summer garden up at the cabin is in full bloom right now.
We had have unusually hot weather this and last month,
and I've had to keep things watered which has been challenging 
since we are in a drought.
I've dug deep troughs around every plant to help the water go deeper.

My son and I planted this nectarine tree last summer 
and it bore fruit that I picked this last weekend.
They were a bit on the small side but tasty.
I had to put a net around the tree
 because the blue jays love peeking the heck out of the fruit.

We also planted an elderberry and it blossomed but so far no berries to be seen.

The star gazer lily that I transplanted to a larger pot really went to town this year.
The complimentary colors were so amazing 
that I had to take a photo before the flowers even opened. 
And here it is in all it's glory.
Seven large flowers!!

This is the hill in front of our cabin, 
and if you look to the right you will see the new arbor
Jim just finished building for me.
It has a bit of a Native American feel to it which I love.
He is currently working on creating a wood sign that will be hung from the arbor saying
"Artisun Studios".
This arbor now leads you down the steep path we built to my picturesque little studio.

These are some glorious flowers that I picked up at Ace last weekend
and planed in front of our little wishing well in front of the cabin.
Sadly I forget their names.

And this lone sunflower came up from seeds that had dropped from last years plants.

I tried my hand at sweet peas for the first time.
There are wild ones that grow from spring thru the summer up here.
I planted 12 and lost half, 
but the ones that survived flowered so sweetly. 

My son and I also planted two Rose of Sharon bushes that came back strong.
I believe they are related to the Hibiscus. 

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  1. Stargazers have long been my favorite cut flowers ...