Saturday, August 1, 2015


newspaper, starch, & paint

Because of time constraints,
I changed up the beginners paper mache' assignment this year by limiting their subject matter.
Only birds.
I immediately pulled out my great bird magazine resources donated by Mary Pinedo,
a bird and garden expert,
and our beloved ex-resource specialist here at Whitney.
The kids grabbed them like candy, 
excited they didn't have to research for their own images.

The kids came up with so many fun and creative ways to mount their sweet birds
like senior Evelyn Aldana above.
Evelyn enjoyed the process so much that she made several birds.

But before I show more,
I wanted you to see them before primer and paint were added.
I had the students use cardboard & aluminum foil for their foundations 
before applying the paper mache'. 

Sophomore Shreya Sheth went all out with her Tucan.
I really like how she thought to use Polymer clay for the beak.

I feel so badly that I didn't write down and can't remember who made this sweet one.
But if I had to guess by the impeccable craftsmanship 
I'd have to say either junior Joann Chung or Liana Chie.
Let me know young ones if I guessed correctly.

Senior Sunny Kim did this amazing Woodpecker.
I was also really impressed that she built the log to go with it.

I love that junior Nicholas Aoki chose an owl.
He was the only one and it turned out great!

One of the class favorites here was created by junior Hazel Cruz.
She spend hours painting layer upon layer of paint to get a very realistic look.
And then her branch is so cool,
built with wire, safety pins, and yarns.

Another class favorite was done by junior William Kim.
We all loved his mount which made it really eye-catching.

And I want to guess this last cutie was done by junior Antoniette Jabat
or perhaps Amber Wu.
I really like the details painted on as well as the value achieved with the paint.

Help me out you guys with the names!

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  1. Aluminum foil foundations ... brilliant! I can see how they would make for much finer details than paper, and provide some weight as well.

    I do love birds ... though I must confess that my favorites in real life are turkeys, pelicans, and roadrunners. Still, goldfinches and hummingbirds are close runners-up ... and these replicas are true to their models. Better yet, the incredible branch that Hazel Cruz put together ... a perfect home for a hummer.

    Kudos too to William Kim's inspired mount, which brought to mind both the Queen of Heart's tarts as well as four-and-twenty blackbirds baked in a pie ... eye candy for dessert!