Monday, August 10, 2015


For those who know me well,
I'm a bit clumsy.
Right Daphne  :)

I stumble and trip a lot in my classroom because I'm always in a hurry,
and I forget to look down for backpacks and chair legs.

And since purchasing our cabin,
I've cobbered myself several times with the hammer,
been  bit by a ton of bugs,
and fallen on my butt 3 times on the steep driveway.

two weeks ago,
 I really did it.
I was in the process of stepping down onto a log (that was kinda tippy),
and I turned to wave at my husband and neighbor Chris who were pulling up in the jeep.
And opps,
I missed the log and went arm/elbow first onto the pea gravel.
On my way down I scraped my arm on a piece of metal pipe 
that was holding back a wood retaining wall.
A piece of 5" skin was dangling down like a wet noodle,
and blood was pouring down my arm.
I was laughing hysterically cuz it just makes so much sense,
and my husband,
who had to cut off the noodle of skin,
 was almost passing out which made me laugh even more.
a navy nurse,
was freaking out.
It was a quite a scene.
And all I could do was laugh  


  1. Yikes! I hope it wasn't as painful as it looks. My mom always called me "Grace", not because I was.

  2. aww Mrs. Sposa~!!!! Be Careful!! D: I hope you heal soon!!!! :) <3 <3