Thursday, August 27, 2015


clay, glazes. oxides, ceramic pencil & wax resist

Second Semester's intermediate clay kids learn to throw on the potter's wheels,
and in the 4th Quarter they do bowls and plates.
They are required to alter the plastic wheel thrown pots before we send them to be fired
for added interest.
And then after the first firing
 are required to try out different decorative techniques with glazing.

In this first glorious piece senior Cindy Ryoo altered her work by cracking off the edges
for an organic treatment.
And the technique she used here for glazing was done with glaze,
wax resist and oxides. 
Both sides were so extraordinary I had to take a pix of each.
I almost forgot,
They also learned to trim the bottom of the bowls and plates 
as you can see below.

Only the piece on the left was altered along the rim/lip, 
so the others must have been for extra credit.
But all of these beauties belong to senior Sameera Ahmed.
Her glazing from left to right:
glaze with sponged on wax then oxide over top,
(top middle) glaze with painted oxide design,
(bottom middle) ceramic pencil with transparent glaze over top,
and glaze with wax design and then oxide brushed over.

These last three all belong to senior Jue Eun Lee.
 I can't tell /remember how she achieved the very atmospheric look on the piece above left,
but it sure is cool!
Piece on right is wax resit design with glaze over top.

And then everyone's favorite was this one Jue Eun did with ceramic pencil
and transparent glaze over.
It was so special from so many angles.

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  1. Cindy Ryoo's piece reads as a sunflower from the top, but I love how she flipped the colors on the bottom (and that's a great foot!)

    Eun Lee's turquoise bowl is also intriguing ... are the lighter spots part of the glaze treatment or the lighting? Either way, it's a joy to behold!