Monday, August 3, 2015


clay, glazes, oxides & paper collage

I think I've mentioned before that I like to tweak assignments
 so my students aren't always doing the same old, same old. 
Slab boxes are a must have construction technique in the beginning curriculum, 
so I didn't want to completely remove it.
Instead ,
two years ago I started requiring the students to add paper collage
to the boxes after they came out of the glaze kiln.
It's a subtle, nice addition to the surface design.

There were so many spectacular pieces this year.
This first one by junior Eryn Burnett was so cool in it's construction design,
and then really well thought out in it's glazing and finishing.
Bravo Eryn!

This next one by junior Asha Bhakta was one of my favorites because of it's playful design.
It reminds me of a house in the tropics that's survived a few hurricanes.
And then it has a surprise inside when you open the lid. 

Here is another beauty by junior Klyne Madayag.
Notice how well the collage paper works so well with the oxide finish?
Klyne's design is also architectural in its design. 
It almost reminds me of the homes that were built for the set of  Lone Survivor.

And what an interesting,
unique piece we have here.
I'm trying to do these by heart since I can't seem to find my notes for these boxes.
So help, young ones!!!!
I want to say either senior Nikita Govind, 
or juniors Christine Kim or Juliene Porciuncula may have built this cool piece.
Notice the delicate texture on the sides emphasised by the oxide staining,
and then of course the beautiful melting of glass shards on the lid.
Looks like Caribbean waters of St. Lucia.

I'm pretty sure that the lovely oval box on the left was made by senior Michelle Cuatrona.
The paper collage on the lid top and the incised linear designs on the sides work so well together.

And I have absolutely no memory of who made the one on the right;
but again,
great linear designs in combination with the paper collage.
If I had to make a guess I would say senior Eduardo Jacinto.
Feedback please!

Senior Elijah Ramos did this attractive coil inlay technique that I demoed for this assignment,
another surface design option that's very effective.
And Elijah picked the perfect paper collage pieces to go with the yellow/tan of the clay.

Senior Payal Morari made of one of the class favorites here.
We all loved the way she glazed her piece,
and the goldish paper collage pieces she found to put onto the lids interior.

And our last one here was done by senior Laarnie Barcelon.
As Laarnie was winding up the year in the clay class,
I noticed she was putting more and more sculptural elements into her designs.
She also wasn't afraid to bring in nail polish for certain colors she couldn't achieve with the glazes.
I really like how she tied the whole piece together with the black lines.  
It also looks like india ink.
Perhaps it is.

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  1. What a great way to "think out of the box" ... Asha and Klyne put me in a Tolkien frame of mind, their boxes reminding me of Hobbiton and the gates of Mordor respectively.