Tuesday, August 25, 2015


scratchboard, & watercolor

All the students were blown away when these beauties were put up for grading and critique.
They LOVED this assignment.
It really showcased these young people's drawing skills.

This piece right here by senior Michael Cantu 
was easily one of the MOST IMPORTANT pieces done this school year.
And sadly it was done after the Open House show so the parents, 
teachers and student body didn't get a chance to see this remarkable work.
The subject Michael picked was one of the most difficult ever attempted
by a Whitney art student.
His attention to detail is meticulous.
His craftsmanship superb.
WOW Michael,
I'm just so proud of you.

Junior Elias Rodriquez also gave this assignment everything he had.
He chose an adorable subject,
and he's using great pointillism and crosshatch work,
with the perfect touch of watercolor.

And check out the work of senior Nathan Chong.
Love his use of watercolor.
And look at all the work he's done with lines.
Hours and hours!

And lastly we take a look at junior Jonathan Hsu's piece.
Know that it's extremely difficult to do a face in scratch board
because faces are so smooth and scratchboard is so textural.
But not only did he pull it off,
he took a unique approach with his watercolor,
banding it across the face.
Very cool Jonathan!


  1. Michael Cantu's piece is a true work of Art (intentionally capitalized) ... I can hardly believe this is scratchboard!