Thursday, August 1, 2013

Preliminary Wood Unit - Student Work

I think the favorite project this year for my Beginning 3-D young ones was learning to work in wood, making a sampler then a one of a kind sculpture that I will post at a later date, like maybe tomorrow  :)
Anyways, I love watching the kids work with the power tools, they get so into it that I just have to take their pictures.  Up top we have 8th graders Jacqueline Yu and Jenna De La Paz, and down below junior Derrick Lin.  
An important note:  before I let the babies anywhere near these tools, I give them an hour of safety demos., then I take each child and have them show me they can successfully use all the scary tools.  Then forever more, whenever a student is using the tools, either myself or my T.A. Phoebe, watch them like hawks.  Just saying  :)
And did I mention that Derrick was one of my most hardworking youngsters this year as well as most improved.  OH YEAH!!
So anyways, in these prelims., the kids need to drill a hole, sand the block, saw the dowel, stain the wood and paper collage parts of both.  I only give them a few days to do this so we can move on to the originals I'll show off tomorrow, so most of the kids turn in something similar to the one above and below.
I do love how senior Mylan Jefferson recycled her Starbucks labels.
And senior May Luong found some cool text and music to collage with.

Now senior Eugenia Jacob took hers one step farther and sawed off her corner edges to make her block more appealing.  That took a lot of extra time and sweat  :)
And isn't this next one clever by senior Celine Phong, made to look like a Popsicle?
And then was senior Alison Lee, who made this lovely sailboat.  I loved this prelim. so much that I put it in the Open House show.
But the one that really impressed us all was done by sophomore Reis Misaka.  
So much extra time, brilliant Reis!

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