Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fused Glass/Jewelry Unit - Student work

In the Intermediate 3-d class, my students learn how to fuse glass in the kiln that we fire our ceramic pieces in, and in the process make some really beautiful jewelry pieces.  This is an extremely expensive assignment, and we don't waste a thing, just recycle it next year.  

These first ones that you are seeing are called partially fused.  That means I didn't take the kiln up very high so that the separate glass shard edges are still visible, yet they've melted enough to bond together.  Then I teach the kids to wire wrap them for wear.  Each student made two of these.

The striking one above was created by senior Sheila San Agustin, and the two lovelies below by senior Ashley Chowdhury. 

Above we have the beautiful work of senior Amy Hsu, and below hers is very talented senior Lauren De Belen.

And then senior Angela Wan has created this gorgeous piece above.

To build a full fused piece you just fire the kiln a bit hotter and it melts all the shards together for one blended look.  Each student made at least two full fused pieces.
Senior Julia Faith Chanco crafted this brilliant piece, and then she solder around it so it could be worn.  You will see more soldered work tomorrow.  I'm not sure but I think the two below are also Julia's.  Correct me if I'm wrong kiddo.

My favorite was this really spooky looking eyeball.  I think this also belonged to young Julia.  Nope, it was done by Ashley.  Thanks Julia and Ashley for getting back to me and making sure I label all correctly.  You all have no idea how challenging this is for me to keep everything straight in the summer  LOL

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  1. Actually I was the one who made the eyeball Mrs. Sposa :)
    -Ashley Chowdhury