Friday, August 9, 2013

Alum Michelle Kuo Harris

Facebook has opened a whole new world to me.  I am reconnecting with so many of my favorite art students.  I was really excited to hear that Michelle Kuo, class of 1990, was driving down from Sacramento with her family, to stay with her folks in Cerritos for a few days.  We arranged to meet up here at my home/studio.  She brought her gorgeous daughter Kennedy with her, and we had a blast hanging out and catching up.  I was flabbergasted when Michelle told me she was 41 years old.  So like, how old does that make me?  Ancient!!!  LOL
I wasn't surprised to learn that her kids have inherited Michelle's artist and smart genes.  Her son plays several musical instruments, and Kennedy already has her own clothing website where she sells up-cycled jean shorts that are to die for.  My daughter and I love her style, and whats she's doing with jeans from the thrift stores.  Clever girl!
Michelle also shared with me that her brother Lee's daughter is an accomplished artist, and she showed me one of her piece's (below).  Look closely, she drew the whole piece with her fingerprints and a stamp pad.  What a great idea for a new assignment for my second year art students!  
Thank you Michelle for taking time out of your hectic schedule while you were down here to drop by, and it was wonderful to meet Kennedy.

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