Friday, August 23, 2013

Prelude to Self-Portraits - Student Work

Here are some of my cuties!
My Intermediate 2-D students from the far left, Halah, Kevin, Megan, Belinda and Michaela.

For their 4th Quarter Final I have them do a Self-Portrait.  but before they start i give them each a sheet of newsprint and have them tack it to the Damp Room glass doors.  this way they can see themselves and draw themselves at the same time in charcoal.  this is very scary at first but then they get into it and really enjoy the process, and giggle at their results.
I only give them one class period for this.
So above we have Megan and Halah's, and below is, you guessed it, Kevin  :)
By the way Kevin, you received the nicest compliment from a gal in Santa Cruz named Vicki.  She asked me to teach her to do art pieces like Kevin's  :)  How cool is that!!!!

And here we have Michaela and Belinda.
For one day's work I think these are pretty darn good!

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